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Ontario Fire Water Air endeavours to acquire the latest and most reliable water treatment technologies available and to apply them to the residential and commercial requirements and conditions of customers. To this end we have acquired the right to distribute the H2O4Life water treatment products and technologies. These are the latest in world class water treatment and filtration technologies available. All H2O4Life products are designed to be easy to use with minimum maintenance and are designed with the most durable and reliable components to provide maximum service life. They are ideal and specifically selected for Canadian urban and rural conditions.

When considering the purchase of a water conditioning or filtration system for your home, farm or business one of the most important factors to consider is the reliability of the unit. It is also important to take into account the units ability to soften the water without chemicals and to remove all suspended solids such as turbidity.

The H2O4Life Water Conditioner and the Premium Pro Series range of Whole Home Filtration units are one of  the only systems on the market today that overcome all of these problems. The components contained in these units are constructed of extremely reliable materials making them one of the most reliable and trouble free units available on the market today. The design and size of  both the Water Conditioner and the Premium Pro Series Filters together with the absence of any chemicals, makes these units more reliable, easier and quicker to install resulting in a cost savings to you the consumer.


Ontario Fire Water Air is proud to be an authorized distributor for H2O4Life water treatment products. H2O4Life offers a versatile range of Whole House Filters that can be used to Neutralize Acidic Water, Remove Chlorine, Filter out Sediment, or to Improve your Waters Taste, Odour and Colour.

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