Happy OFWA customer

"Dealt with these folks for the first time today, and it was an extremely friendly and informative experience. My partner and I just moved into our home a month ago, and needed to have our filter changed on our reverse osmosis system. Dan, the technician who arrived (very promptly within the scheduled window, might I add) was pleasant and knowledgeable. I had a lot of questions and he answered every single one with a smile. Would highly recommend!"

Brad H.
Cambridge, Ontario

"I would recommend OFWA 100% to anyone. Excellent quality of water softener and filtration system. The technician today Dan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. 5 star rating is the very least for this company. Thank to everyone at this company for your dedication and commitment to your customers."

Antonnette P.
North York, Ontario

" Very pleased with the service of this company. They are on top of when the filters for our water softener system need changed so I don't have to be. Their staff is friendly and helpful and informative. My husband is very grateful to know that we have clean, fresh water to keep his family and pets safe and healthy."

Cher T
London, Ontario

"Ethan came to our home and did a very good job of water evaluation. He was very polite, very friendly and very knowledgeable. My son and I and was so amazed while he was explaining the importance of having a clean drinking water and using a clean water around the house. Very satisfied purchasing the products and we loved it. Thanks to OFWA, we are using a safe and clean purified water . By the way, great installations too. I will gladly recommend the company to my friends."

Loreta, F
Cambridge, Ontario


"Great product! Great sales staff! William was friendly, honest and very knowledgeable. Just love our new water system!"

Larisa J
Cambridge, Ontario


"We had the best experience with William the man who came to our house he was excellent. We couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommend the system. You won't regret it. Ontario Fire Water Air is a top notch company all the way. If your lucky enough to get William to come into your home and demonstrate you will see he is down to earth friendly and most importantly honest. Was a pleasure to talk to."

Mike J.
Waterloo, Ontario


"Top quality products and the best value around!"

Craig O.
Kitchener, Ontario


“If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy company, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Ontario Fire Water Air is the absolute best and really knows how to deliver. You won’t be let down! Love my Soft Water ”

Marie S.
Cambridge, Ontario


“I was very impressed at how the final result turned out. The team at Ontario Fire Water Air was very professional, from the presentation to the installation, with the skills and expertise to get the job done right. Highly recommended!”

Frank D.
Kitchener, Ontario


“Looking forward to great savings and the luxuries water. Great install.”

Steven R.
Cambridge, Ontario


“I know that it isn’t often that people will correspond with words of their satisfaction rather than complaints. We just wanted to say that we are very happy with the new H2O R/O system, and we are so glad that everything is seemingly working well. We’re very pleased with the fact that this system is giving us good tasting water at the separate tap is so much better. No more bottled water. Enjoying the tea.”

Christian L.
Mississauga, Ontario


I am writing this letter to thank you for fixing our water problems. We wish that we had come to you first. It would have saved us a lot of money and aggravation. We were told by the salesman of “the other company”  that a water softener would take care of the rust and sulfur smell. Well, when it didn’t, all we got was a run around and no direct attempt was made to fix it. Your system has done the job that you said it would, and we appreciate the fact that you have represented yourself and your company in a truthful manner. Thank you.

Rene Z.
Baden, Ontario


Three weeks ago, we had the water conditioner installed and immediately noticed the difference in the water. We also had hard water and now the soap we use is much more efficient.
We appreciate the way in which we have been treated, the promptness of the install. We would not hesitate to recommend Ontario Fire Water Air to anyone.

Gurdeep K.
Brampton, Ontario


We want to let you know how pleased we are with our water since you worked to change our system. It is clear and no longer contains iron and bacteria free.  Our last water analysis report shows our water is perfect!
Ontario Fire Water Air was recommended to us by a friend whose sister had the same problems with iron and bacteria content in her water. We decided to go the same route and contacted OFWA. They were very professional and diligent when working with us to install our water system.
We are truly happy with the results and feel that the money put into this system was well worth it! We would recommend them to anyone!

Dan and Amanda D,
Waterloo, Ontario


"Very professional and respectful. We had been dealing with terrible well water. Ontario Fire Water Air came and we got a prize plus they clarified all of my concerns with our water. They have solved everything with a new system and spent the extra time to replace the old equipment which was rusted and breaking down. They treated us very well. Thank you."

Jack Fullen
Kitchener, Ontario


"Great sales and service. Very thorough. They answered all our concerns with modern equipment and service. I would highly recommend this company."

Willam Blake
Cambridge, Ontario


"Ontario Fire Water Air sets the bar when it comes to price, quality and maintenance."

Nathan Tibour
Waterloo, Ontario

"When I was using other companies before, I was given poor services but now I think I’m very ok with my water and I also now have a lifetime guarantee. Thanks again Ontario Fire Water Air for this services."

Franklin Kateshaw
Brantford, Ontario


"My wife and I are so happy with Ontario Fire Water Air. We had very foul tasting water for such a long time and a friend recommended I call them. They came to the home and did a water analysis and they made some recommendations on how to improve the water. We listened to their very informative presentation and they answered all of our questions. I would recommend this company to anyone as you get what you pay for here. Great service, great people and great price."

Tammy Burton
Guelph, Ontario


"Ontario Fire Water Air has made my skin a lot better. I can say when I get out of the shower I don't have any itching anymore. I am so glad that my family decided to install an Water Treatment system. I really like the system and the water also tastes good. My friends are so jealous and they want to come over to my house to drink the water. I told them to call and get a system for their house."

Valerie Hoshburrow
Kitchener, Ontario


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