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Fire is potentially the greatest threat to life, property and information so it’s great to know that OFWA's experience in protection is second to none.For personnel safety it’s important to have the right fire protection, but also because many homeowner's fail to plan for a significant fire. OFWA offers a comprehensive range of fire detection and suppression equipment with cost effective solutions tailored to your individual specifications. We also often exceed local fire standards and relevant statutory requirements and we provide service through our local team of professionals. 



The most reliable, environmentally friendly water treatment solutions on the market today. Our knowledgeable staff have over 75 years of combined experience in drinking water treatment and water conditioning needs – for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Home and business owners will love our unique chemical free water conditioning and drinking water filtration systems to provide a clean, safe and bacteria free water supply to rural and urban homes. Businesses will appreciate our ability to provide state of the art and reliable water treatment equipment with reduced maintenance and superior running costs delivering an excellent return on investment.



Air Quality is essential for you well being and sleep. Cleaning the air with an Air Purifier of airborne contaminants allows your body to breathe relax and restore itself overnight without fighting a continual onslaught. Getting the humidity level right is also critical as too much creates a thriving growing ground for mould, mould spores, and dust mites to thrive. Too little humidity - and you cause distress on your respiratory system causing an immune reaction making breathing difficult. Using an OFWA Air Purifier in conjunction with a Humidifier or Dehumidier will allow you to create the ideal environment.


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